This is Fangamer's Baba is You Physics Game on Nintendo Switch.

Supported languages: French, English, Spanish.

Historical overview

The game was originally created for and won the Nordic Game Jam 2017. Baba Is You also won Excellence in Design and Best Student Game at the Independent Games Festival 2018, and was nominated as a finalist in 2 other categories, including the Seumas McNally Grand Prix.

Cover, poster and sticker sheet illustrations by Mushbuh. Original soundtrack download card artwork by Jorge M. Velez.

About the Game

Baba Is You is a famous Puzzle Game where you can change the rules by which you play. Indeed, in each level, the rules themselves are present in the form of blocks with which you can interact; by manipulating them, you can modify the functioning of the level and cause surprising and unexpected interactions! With a few simple blocks, you can turn yourself into a boulder, turn patches of grass into dangerously hot obstacles, and even change the goal you need to achieve to something completely different.

The game has over 200 levels that experiment with game mechanics in multiple ways, requiring the player to understand and manipulate game rules and find devious ways to make objects in the game world interact.

The mechanics of the game are based on the principle of sokoban, where the player moves through a maze pushing blocks on his way.

Initially, the player controls a white rabbit called Baba. The central concept of the game consists in the manipulation of the rules governing the world, by moving words (the player can indeed push them): according to the sentences that the player forms, the elements of the game behave in a different way. For example, by forming the sentence “KEY IS YOU” (literally “KEY IS YOU”), the player will then no longer control Baba's movements, but those of a key. The goal is most often to get to the flag, thus finishing the level, although there are exceptions.

The game has 226 levels divided into different areas.


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