This is the physical version of the Blade Runner Enhanced Edition game from Limited Run Games on PS4.



Gender  Action, Adventure, Strategy
# player  1 player
Origin  US
Supported languages  English, Spanish, French, Italian



Westwood Studios, the company that brought real-time to strategy games with Command & Conquer, brings real-time to adventure games with the sci-fi classic, Blade Runner.

Armed with your investigative skills and the Blade Runner tools of the trade, you'll be immersed in a world that lives and breathes around you with groundbreaking lighting and visual effects. Your ability to survive will be tested in the richest game environment ever



In Blade Runner Enhanced Edition PS4:

  • Immerse yourself in the dark and gritty world of Los Angeles 2019, where you become both the hunter and the hunted
  • Explore over 100 interactive environments, including sets from Ridley Scott's 1982 film.
  • Take part in a non-linear story that creates a unique experience every time you play.
  • Interact with over 70 motion-captured characters, all with artificial intelligence (AI) and their own agendas
  • Stunning visuals, plus atmospheric smoke, fog, fire, and rain that affect your character in real time
  • Recognize Hollywood actors from the original film, including Sean Young, James Hong, Joe Turkel, Brion James and William Sanderson.
  • Listen to multi-track ambient audio and listen to music that includes specially recreated cuts from the Blade Runner soundtrack.
  • Step into the role of a Blade Runner using the ESPER Photo Analysis Machine, administering the Voigt-Kampff Replicant Detection Test, flying in a Police Spinner, and analyzing clues with your Onboarding Assistant knowledge (KIA)
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