This is the physical version of the game Espgaluda II from Limited Run Games on Switch.



Gender ArcadeStock
# player  1-2 player(s)
Origin  US
Supported languages English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese



Galuda is a biological weapon that connects the Holy Spirit and humans through alchemy and mechanical engineering.

The military nation “Shinra”, which acquired the power of Galuda, was destroyed by the two Galuda “Ageha” and “Tateha” that they created.

Three years have passed since that war.

After an experiment that touches on contraindications, “Soma” artificially acquired Galuda's abilities.

And the only Galuda who was born, “Asagi” who was the assassin of King Soma.

“Tsubame” and “Janome” who are also artificial Galuda and prince and princess of the land Soma chasing down Asagi.

Afterwards, Ageha and Tateha head towards Asagi to stop the tragedy.

The battle with the real Galuda and the constructed Galuda is about to begin.



The ultimate power to bring out the true power of Galuda, "Ascension" and "Awakening Death World".

At the time of Ascension, the characters and genders of the main characters are changed in order to bring out the personality and appearance of the merged "Holy Spirit".

When activated, it develops a barrier and delays the time it passes to the outside world, so the screen scrolling speed and the speed of enemy planes and bullets are greatly reduced.

Therefore, even beginners can easily avoid high-speed balls and dense barrages, and advanced players can earn a large amount of scores, which is an integrated offensive and defensive game system.

In Espgaluda II Switch:

  • Three characters with different attack characteristics
  • Novice mode prepared for beginners and arrangement mode prepared exclusively for home version
  • Highly repeatable arcade mode and high quality game mode
  • Simultaneous recording of new game rules and a black label version developed by another girl added
  • Screen adjustment options that can be enjoyed in vertical mode
  • Sounds that color the game world, created by Manabu Namiki and other acclaimed sound creators around the world.
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