This is the physical version of the game Legend of Mana Remastered (Import Asia).
Genre: Action RPG
# players: 1-2
Pegi rating: PEGI
Subtitles Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, English

Legend of Mana is an action-RPG video game developed and published by the Japanese company Square. This is the fourth game in the Seiken Densetsu/Mana series.
The classic action-RPG you loved in the 90s because of its colorful hand-drawn graphics, soundtracks and gameplay is remastered!

The game includes updated graphics and gameplay mechanics never before seen in previous Mana titles. We cite for example, the land creation system and the mini-game “Ring Ring Land”. Get ready to embark on a magical adventure to find the Mana Tree!

Indeed, during your journey you are bound to find special artifacts, which can be used to populate the map that will bring towns and dungeons to life and help you progress through the story.

But still, let's not forget about the lively and colorful cast of the game either. Help them complete various quests in the huge world of Fa'Diel.

Additionally, not only have the visuals and system improvements been overhauled, but also the music. The original music has been rearranged to suit the other improvements to the classic game. Players now have the option to alternate between the new soundtrack and the original soundtrack.

Get ready to relive the magic of the timeless classic in high definition with new and updated features in Legend of Mana Remastered.

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