This is the physics game of Undertale on PS4.

Supported languages: English

# of players: 1 players

Description of Undertale PS4 game:

Undertale is an independent role-playing video game developed by Toby Fox. The game proposes to control a child who has fallen into the Underground, a large isolated region under the surface of the Earth; separated from the surface by a magic barrier and populated by monsters. The player interacts with these monsters several times in his quest to return to the surface, mainly through a combat system mixing turn-based and shoot 'em up. In it, the player must avoid projectiles sent by the monsters encountered; and then has the option of attacking his opponent to kill him, or to spare him. The choice to kill or spare affects the game; altering the dialogues; characters; and the narration depending on the choices made.


Undertale PS4 is a top-down role-playing game. In game, the player controls a human child and must complete objectives in order to progress in the story. During the adventure, the player explores an underground filled with cities and caves containing several puzzles to solve. The underground is the world of monsters, some of them fighting the player; he then has the choice between killing the attacking monster, fleeing, or befriending him.

Battle mode:

When the player encounters an enemy, either in scripted events or through random encounter, they enter combat mode. In combat, the player controls a small red heart representing their soul; and must avoid attacks launched by the opposing monster, like a "manic shooter".

As the game progresses, new elements are introduced; such as colored obstacles requiring the player to stand still or pass through, and boss fights changing the way the player controls the core. The player can choose to attack his enemy; then invoking a button press in rhythm, the defeat of which brings back "EXP" and gold to the player.

Otherwise, he can use the “ACT” option (to act); to perform non-violent actions depending on the enemy monster. If the player uses the right actions when facing the enemy; he may have the choice to spare him and end the fight without killing him.

Peaceful mode:

To end some boss fights peacefully, the player must wait until the character they are fighting has finished their dialogue. The game's story has several branches and endings depending on the monsters the player decides to kill or not to kill; therefore, it is possible to complete the game without killing any enemy.

Monsters converse with the player during combat, with the game telling the player about the monster's actions and feelings. Enemy attacks change depending on how the player interacts with them: if he makes non-violent choices, the attacks become easier, and conversely if he decides to be violent, the attacks become more difficult. The game also depends on a number of meta-fictional elements in its gameplay and story. Thus, when the player fights a boss during a new game, the dialogue is changed according to the actions taken during the previous games.

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